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Applying for Fashion School in Japan" - new episode of Christina's series about her experience as a student at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Check it out and please subscribe!


Our newest addition, the Bunka Dress Form, is true to the human body ensuring perfectly fitting garments.

Traditional Western dress forms (Scroll to second photo; Top Right) portray a stylized version of the human body that is loosely based on standard hip waist and shoulder measurements. For this reason the shape is not accurate to that of the human body.

Bunka Fashion College in Japan, in collaboration with the Digital Human Laboratory and AIST (Advances Industrial Science and Technology in Japan), developed a new dress form based on the average dimensions of actual human body forms. Body scanning technology was used to derive the measurements, curves and overall shape.

The bust, waist and hip dimensions represent the average body form of young adult females today.

One of the most noticeable differences in is the shoulder. Western dress forms shoulder opening is a near perfect oval, while in reality the opening is more triangular. Therefore, the Bunka dress form has a more natural armhole opening.

Also, the waist has a more natural curve when compared to the square and geometrical traditional form.

Find one here.


Studio Ghibli 1985-2013. THANK YOU.

We feel the tiniest regret when our words don’t get through 
And the tears fall down, 
While our busy emotions link to our heart beat, 
And I find myself wanting to tune to the sound.

Seto blog translation 







2014-08-28 22:52:51

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Oh please TTvTT

Please stop that cute sweet boy and my love advertising that ROPENN

Stop commercialing something I can’t buy. I know it’s cute and I’ve run out of money TTvTT

I want to buy the thing, but the website says I have to be a member of D Plus ;_;

I know! I wonder if I will regret not asking anyone to order it for me. >.


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Decision / Social Casualty - One Ok Rock / 5 Seconds of Summer Mashup

I MADE IT. DON’T STEAL OR I’LL SQUEAL right into your ears every night in your dream.
Don’t get me wrong, I MADE THIS BECAUSE I LOVE THESE BANDS. I love One Ok Rock far before I knew 5SOS
I didn’t do my research so I don’t know who wrote these songs. They sound pretty similar to my ears. All I know is that one day One Ok Rock and 5 Seconds of Summer took a photo together with John Feldmann in LA and they posted it in their instagram and Ashton posted a video of them all playing ping pong together in their Keek.

Hi this is cool! I love both of them!


Ping pong battle with tom




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JOHN FELDMANN @ instagram